BuildEd was founded with one goal in mind: To empower young adults with the skills they need to think like an entrepreneur and to become CEO of their own careers. As the nature of the workforce has changed, a gap has occurred in the traditional educational curriculum that BuildEd seeks to fill.

We work with teachers, students, corporations and workforce development programs to provide our curriculum as a valuable part of their existing programs. Sometimes we are an elective class, sometimes we are an after school program and sometimes we provide the core elements of an Innovation Center that gives communities a way to prepare their youths for the new workplace.

We look forward to working with you and your community.


Mark Greenberg
Founder, BuildEd

Our Team:

Mark Greenberg- Founder, CEO

It was Mark’s vision to create BuildEd to teach the mindset and skills of an entrepreneur to today’s students and workers. Focusing on the importance of adding value to your employer and understanding that we all have a responsibility to think like an entrepreneur, Mark has assembled a great team, a great educational program and the teacher support that schools and communities need to deliver a trajectory changing experience. An experienced entrepreneur himself, Mark was also vital in creating the World Series of Entrepreneurship.

Brittany Rastsmith- Vice President of Instructional Design

Brittany is an instructional design expert and entrepreneur who passionately believes in equipping everyone with the tools they need to succeed in life. Throughout her career, she has designed and taught game changing learning experiences for high-schoolers, university students, non-profit staff and volunteers, social service agencies, community groups, and corporate learners. Regardless of the field, her curricula are focused on changing minds and hearts to create training transfer – to almost universally high evaluations from learners, teachers, and leadership. Under her direction, the curriculum development team at BuildED creates innovative entrepreneurial experiences for a wide range of learners, preparing them for the workplace of tomorrow.

Nigel Gregson- Chief Content Architect

Nigel joins BuildEd after a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry that led to him launching a consulting company focused on the mechanics of solving problems and developing systems that make complex problem solving understandable and repeatable. He brings this process and educational expertise to the design of the courses and specifically the development of Nigel’s Law. This law is a building block that teaches how to assess the market and understand customer needs. Nigel works closely with Brittany Rastsmith to ensure that our product provides a clear way to teach students how wrestle these tough decisions and to develop a repeatable process.