K-12 and Digital K-12

Who we serve:

Students-    BuildEd delivers online e-learning modules that develop a variety of skills in students ranging from grade 6-12 and through to our 4-year college course.  With over 3,000 hours of curriculum, BuildEd tailors programs to meet the class length and the grading requirements of each school or college.

Teachers–    BuildEd recognizes the challenge that teachers face as they attempt to integrate new courses into the curriculum.  To address this challenge, BuildEd provides pacing guides, lesson plans, worksheets and grading rubrics to gain teacher endorsement.

Digital Schools–    BuildEd provides a turnkey solution to digital schools. We host our solution remotely or we can integrate with any Learning Management System already deployed.

With our engaging course we deliver a highly attractive elective course option.

Higher Ed-      BuildEd provides a four-year curriculum with 8 semesters worth of courses and up to 32 college credits.

Traditional K-12 Schools–    BuildEd provides our courses and teacher training services to traditional schools that want to provide an online elective.

What we provide:

  1. Content-     Access to 3000 hours of elearning modules that include online classes, discussion questions, assignments, and quizzes
  2. Teacher Support-    Pacing guides and customized course approaches

Extensive teacher materials and training

Ongoing teacher support

Turnkey lesson plans with everything from activities and worksheets to common problems students face and their solutions

  1. Support-    Direct support from BuildEd Product team to resolve any technical issues or handle customizations required
  2. Flexibility of deployment-    Courses formatted to load into your LMS through common cartridge files, or hosted on BuildEd’s  LMS
  3. Access to rubrics and other tools to support project excellence
  4. Ability to customize the content and duration of courses to meet your specific needs

How it works:

Online classes include video lessons, worksheets, note taking and key questions to reinforce that the lessons have been understood.

Students work through a process of developing their toolkits and building the skills needed to add value to organizations, create new ideas and develop innovations.

BuildEd trains teachers and facilitators who guide the courses.

Classes can be instructor led, asynchronous and blended styles to suit whatever type of course works best for your school.

We support most common LMS, including the list below. If you don’t see your LMS or if you have a custom LMS that we need to integrate, our Dev team will gladly include that as part of our deployment for your school.


Why BuildEd:

BuildEd accelerates your ability to deliver a valuable new elective to your curriculum.  By partnering with BuildEd, we can ensure that your students and teachers have a terrific learning experience that delivers measurable outcomes.

  • Designed by educators with specialized experience in digital learning
  • Developed by “master” entrepreneurs who created the World Series of Entrepreneurship
  • Shot in HD with professional voice overs
  • Highly relevant, real-world examples to keep students engaged
  • Rich visuals create a pleasant user experience

Outcomes students, teachers and schools can expect:

Students will gain self-confidence as they learn how to construct an idea, evaluate the strength of their idea and develop market assumptions to evaluate the viability of their idea.

Vital skills like self-reflection, peer review and communication emerge as part of the student’s learning journey too.

Teachers can expect a well developed curriculum and the support they need to effectively guide students through the learning, worksheets, and assessments.  Further, we expect that they will see an uptick in student engagement in their English and Math as students recognize the need to calculate business outcomes and to develop supporting materials to present their ideas.

Schools can expect high course completion rates.  Additionally they can expect positive feedback from their students and their teachers who have participated.

Quote from teacher:

I believe students find this class to be a breath of fresh air and an area they are confident they will succeed.

Quote from Student:

It’s given me a lot more confidence that I can create a successful business, successful in the long run – it makes me feel like I can really do this, the class gives me an edge and a leg up over over people who didn’t get to take this class.

Participation in a World Series of Entrepreneurship event:

For students that want to develop and test a business concept, they can participate in the World Series of Entrepreneurship.