Has this course inspired you?

“It’s given me a lot more confidence that I can create a successful business, successful in the long run – it makes me feel like I can really do this, the class gives me an edge and a leg up over over people who didn’t get to take this class.”

Teagan, Age 14.

What would you change about the class?

Student response- “So far, I haven’t seen anything that could change or be better. Really informative, really well laid out, explains everything well, easy to understand.”

Sarah, age 15

How will you use what you are learning in your future?

Student response- “I’ve already learned so much about what is important to look for. Nigel’s Law is so powerful. Learning a lot about assessing the customer’s needs – thinking about what my  customers will want.”

Jamie age 15

From a teacher’s perspective

“I believe students find this class to be a breath of fresh air and an area they are confident they will succeed.” Digital K-12 teacher

Teacher at ASU Prep Digital Academy